Usage Rules for this wiki
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  1. Any Meneame user can collaborate.
  2. Do not insult. Do not be aggressive or flaming.
  3. Write properly. DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS.
  4. Do not link to commercial sites, personal or off-topic web pages.
  5. Sign comments and suggestions (use four "~").
  6. Add notes to your editions for an easy identification.

Remember: this site is moderated and changes can be easily reverted. Do not waste your time vandalizing it.

  • If you want to comment on something, please use the discussion area, so that the page keeps clean and readable. The only exception: Ricardo Galli, when he answers suggestions. :P
  • Use your sign only for Suggestions and Bugs. Keep your contribution anonymous for the rest of the wiki, please.
  • When a suggestion is implemented, it is necessary to remove it from the list and add it to News and Home pages.
  • The Suggestions page is intended to propose new features or to enhance existing ones. If you don't like something, it is better to start a discussion in the discussion area before adding it to the Suggestions page.
  • The Bugs page is intended to send persistent errors which can be reproduced. You have to indicate how to reproduce it in order to avoid reporting isolated problems or problems Meneame is not responsible of.

See the discussion area of this page.