Fast and easy explanation to understand the Karma algorithm.
(ver esta página en castellano)

Increase Karma

  1. Positive votes received by a story.
  2. Positive votes to a published story if the vote was given before the story was published.
  3. Negative votes to a finally discarded story

Decrease Karma

  1. Negative votes to a not finally discarded(published) story. (0.25)
  2. Negative votes received by a story.
  3. Positive votes given to a finally discarded story.
  4. Negative Votes to more than 3 stories in less than a minute.
  5. Five days without voting at less 4 stories.

Do Not Change Karma

  1. Positive votes to an already published story.
  2. Negative votes to a discarded story if the vote was given 1 hour after the story was submitted.

A comprehensive explanation of the karma algorithm has been posted in spanish. We will correct this soon...