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  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _() in c:\appserv\www\index.php on line 41
    • This is not an error but an installation problem on Windows. Please refer to the Installation section. Thanks.
  • When trying to do any type of internationalization (for any of the languages), it does not seem to work for strings that contain accented characters or other latin non-standard ones. System - Debian stable (sarge).
    • the bug seems to be in Debian gettext 0.14.4. Gettext 0.14.6 does not seem to have this problem. Took a while to find - maybe will be of help to someone...
    • I got a similar problem, try to desactivate the hash function when generating the .mo file:
    >> msgfmt --no-hash meneame.po
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  • Error after submit article: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: iconv() in /home/beta/public_html/libs/link.php on line 53

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